Credit Management

Credit Management

Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts receivable management is one of the many services provided by WeCommunicate. The goal of accounts receivable management is simple: enhance cash flow and financial predictability for our clients. With this service, we are able to help businesses stay in front of invoicing and receive payments continually and consistently on time.

By using our experienced and tenured experts in executive level billing, we improve long billing cycles by enacting an auto-billing and contact system. There are many possible scenarios for needing good accounts receivable management and we’re flexible enough to tailor or tweak our proven billing systems from our  existing resources to fit your individual company’s needs. Maybe your company does not have the internal resources of a dedicated account receivable department – we act as an extension of your existing accounts payable department and make sure that your accounts do not turn into bad debts.

You may be a start-up business that does not have a collections department.  We are able to help companies of all sizes and longevity.  Another scenario might include a company that has filed for bankruptcy which needs to capture the maximum amount of outstanding funds prior to liquidation of assets.

You name it. We have experienced it. There is no shortage of scenarios and reasons why accounts receivable management is a valuable service.

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Payment Agreement and Notices

An effective Final Notice or Overdue Account Letter is an essential component of every business’ Debtor Management Procedure.

Consulting Services

Every business has a right to be paid in a timely manner. The need an effective credit and collection policy which can make the difference between being paid and not being paid.

Debtor Management

A good Debtor Management Procedure should be simple to understand and followed strictly by staff.

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is important in the rapid recovery of your assets and some consider professional skip tracing to be an art.

Debt Recovery

WeCommunicate personally handles all large claims. We have 20 years of business and negotiation experience, closing over $500 million of transactions all over Australia.