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Ten Steps to Increase Your Cash Flow

When a business sells a good or provides a service, it has a right to be paid in a timely manner. Moreover, in today’s fast-paced environment, effective credit and collection policies can make the difference between being paid and not being paid. The following 10 tips will help your organization maximize its cashflow, while diminishing its slow-pay or non-pay accounts.

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Payment Agreement and Notices

An effective Final Notice or Overdue Account Letter is an essential component of every business’ Debtor Management Procedure.

Credit Management

By using our experienced and tenured experts in executive level billing, improvements on long billing cycles by enacting an auto-billing and contact system.

Debtor Management

A good Debtor Management Procedure should be simple to understand and followed strictly by staff.

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is important in the rapid recovery of your assets and some consider professional skip tracing to be an art.

Debt Recovery

WeCommunicate personally handles all large claims. We have 20 years of business and negotiation experience, closing over $500 million of transactions all over Australia.